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new price guide will definitely be published this summer. With it will be Hughes’ updated Judd Book (the “bible” of Pattern Coins).

      As if that and the accompanying promotion were not enough, for the first time in history, the 2004 “Guide Book to US Coins” known as the “Redbook” - the most widely sold and read book on rare coins - will feature a special section on patterns. The 2004 Redbook will be released in August, 2003.

      In short, this summer will see a publishing and promotional blitz on Pattern

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of the first Pattern Price guide, a


Following are seven common reasons people sell their coins:


¨         You have an accumulation of “junk” coins you wish to trade better, higher potential coins.

¨         Your coin accumulation is  heavy, bulky, and better consolidated to cash, high end coins.   

¨         You need cash now.

¨         You are at an age where simplifying or moving your assets into “liquid” is appropriate.

¨         You overpaid for coins that now are static, and whose best use might be as a tax loss. 

¨         You have inherited a coin collection which you need to sell or split among the heirs.

¨         You have lost interest in coins.

Thinking of Selling Your Coins?

Investor Frenzy in Coins? (cont’)

Pattern Market Explosive (cont’)

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movement.  But even this will not stop a a crash after a sudden price explosion.  The telltale factor is how high and quick is the price increase. 

               Although some fluctuation will exist in any market, It is my belief that the market can sustain price increases of 20-25% per year without experiencing a drastic decline.  Anything more than that indicates a selling opportunity is at hand. 

               Reduced investment expectations in general mean that many new investors might be more patient than their 1980’s counterparts.  If committed to long term holds, the new investment money could help propel coin prices upward for a long time to come.


articles this issue)

      Unlike the explosive but unstable 1980’s, price and certification mechanisms now in place should enhance market stability, enabling rapidly increasing prices to sustain much better than in the past.                     I buy coins.  I pay great prices.  I buy any and all coins, from the very rare down to circulated Indian cents, pre-1965 dimes, quarters and half dollars.   I even buy foreign coins and old US currency.  

  Why sell your coins?  You may  have lost interest in them.  Perhaps you have common date coins not likely to rise significantly in value. 


Perhaps you paid too much for coins (usually between 1987-1990) and need a tax loss to offset a capital gains from the sale of stock or real estate.  Or you

You inherited coins and want to split the proceeds among the heirs.  Or, you might have accumulated a huge volume of “junk” coins collected over the years which you might like to trade for a more manageable collection of higher value coins which are more likely to appreciate.  Perhaps you have reached an age where making your assets completely liquid is appropriate.  Or, maybe you just need cash now. 


Whatever the reason, call me toll free anytime if you are interested in selling all or part of your collectors you want to Sell your Coins?

I’m buying!

BAAAAAAH?.    I recommend that before you call, you put together an inventory of your coins. A coin inventory should include the following:  a) Denomination,  b) Date and mint mark, c) Grade  d) Grading Service (if applicable), e) Purchase price (if you are looking for tax advantages)This way, I can take the information when you call (if the list is large, you may want to fax or email it to me) and make an appointment to talk with you about your collection’s value. 


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they remain high? And for how long?

      Two factors mitigating for sustained upward prices are certified grading and good price sheet availability.  In the late 1980’s many coins were sold uncertified and over graded, or certified and over priced.  The large profit margins fueled extremely aggressive marketing, which ate up supply, created artificial demand,  and caused prices to soar. When the numerous investors tried to sell, demand could not meet the supply, and prices crashed.

      Today, certified grading and wide availability of good pricing information act as a brake against extreme upward


Text Box: FAQ:    Are large size old US currency, silver certificates or Confederate Currency worth much?

ANSWER:  Prices have risen for currency this last year in all areas: Large, small and Confederate.  Prices tend to stabilize then fall after a significant increase.  Hence, now is a great time to sell currency.  Condition of the currency is absolutely critical in its valuation.

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