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      In recent issues of Rare Coin Report, I have remarked that the introduction of the State Quarter Program by the United States Mint has had, and continues to have a strong impact on the hobby of coin collecting.  In the five years since the program

began (we are at the half way point) the number of coin collectors has grown from around twenty five million to over one hundred thirty million.  The growth was a result of excitement about the

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      The big economic news  is the low dollar.   In recent months, the dollar has dropped 15% against the Euro, and as of this writing, is trading at about 85% of the Euro. Not surprisingly, as a result, gold has jumped almost 15% from under $320 per ounce to the $360 level.  This is natural, since the value of gold is determined internationally, so if the dollar drops, gold will rise relative to the dollar. 

      This bodes well for economic recovery in the U.S. because a lower dollar both spurs exports of U.S. products, and encourages U.S. consumers to buy American. 

      This also means that as the U.S. economy improves, the value of the dollar will almost certainly strengthen in the coming year.  This is also part of the natural ebb and flow of currencies as they

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      Prices for pattern coins continue their powerful upward push, and there is no end in sight.

      The most experienced dealers in pattern coins were recently quoted in Coin World as saying that the Pattern Coin Market is “on fire.” They are correct.

      People who purchased patterns two

to three years ago are already in profit on their coins, and that profit percentage continues to increase.

      While much of the fuel for the Pattern Market lies in the dramatically increased publicity for pattern coins which has been occurring in recent months and which is coming to a

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Pattern Coin Price Surge Shows Increasing Velocity

Rare Coins and the Economy

& the Economy


Design Changes

Move The Market

“The most experienced dealers in pattern coins.(say)..the pattern market is on fire”

Text Box: Message from the Owner

	As the  coin market hums with activity, the most exciting aspect for me by far is:  coins are fun again. 
	Recently, making plans to do business with another dealer became an appointment to “play coins” - just  like a couple of kids.  
	Of course, it doesn’t hurt that in active markets like this, everyone who plays wins.  Sellers are getting high prices for their coins, and buyers are getting coins that have upward price potential. 
	When yer hot, yer hot. 
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(Part 2)  
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