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          With the exception of some rare and more expensive issues, stagnation of rare date gold coin prices stands in stark contrast to the bull market we’ve seen in virtually every other area of numismatics.

      Last issue noted increased activity in rare date gold. At that time, I

suggested rare date gold was headed for a move upward after ten years of stagnation. I believe I understated the situation.

      This is not only based on the current excitement for  certain gold issues, or

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      Inflation is increasing. Alan Greenspan and the Fed are slowly but steadily upping interest rates to combat it. Their job is about to become even more difficult. 

      First, the drop in the dollar’s value makes imported goods more expensive. This worsens our already poor balance of trade, which further devaluates the dollar in a vicious cycle. It dovetails with the second factor, the rising cost of oil, fueled in part by rapidly expanding world demand, especially from China. China is our third factor. This summer, China cut its currency loose from the dollar. Eventually, the Yuan will float against all other world currencies. This and the torrid growth of the Chinese economy will increase the cost of Chinese goods—inflationary because we purchase so much from China. 

      Fourth, the huge

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      Five years ago, I predicted pattern coin prices would enjoy a strong upsurge. I was right. Those who bought pattern coins, especially in 2000 – 2003 have benefited handsomely.

      Today, for similar reasons, I predict rare and collectible currency is ready for a major upsurge in price.  

      Point one: Like pattern coins in 2000,

there was a dearth of reliable price information about currency, unless you subscribe to an expensive wholesale price sheet or had online auction research capability.

      This changes in October when Coin World begins publishing a monthly retail price sheet for currency. This will make

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Collectable Currency:

The Next Big Opportunity?



Rare Coins and the Economy


Buy Rare Date Gold

Here’s Why. 

“...what we probably have is a perfect storm for new investment dollars...Collectors would be wise to purchase undervalued rare date gold before mass marketers expose it to investors.”


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	The disaster in Mississippi and New Orleans dominates the news. I urge you, please— take the few minutes necessary to  make a donation to the relief effort.  
	The effect of Hurricane Katrina goes beyond the area of impact.  I will discuss its influence on the rare coin market in this issue.
	I will also discuss two types of numismatic collectibles that seem poised for a powerful rise in price.
	Perhaps you  noticed there was no June issue of Rare Coin Report.  I had intended to redesign Rare Coin Report’s format and change the publication schedule.  I’ve changed the schedule (Sept., Jan, May) but the design changes will have to wait. Hopefully it will be a victory of substance over style.
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