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Custom Designed Portfolios

If you know exactly which Rare Coins or Bank Notes you want, or want to assemble a specific set of coins, CNP will find quality examples for you at a great price. If, however, you are investment-oriented, you may know Rare Coins present an oustanding opportunity for asset preservation and wealth creation, but may not know which specific coins are best for you.

CNP has solved that problem: Choose how much you wish to invest.

We will use our nearly 30 years experience and numismatic expertise to design a unique coin collection of high quality coins at fair value that meet your desires for appreciation potential, liquidity, and other criteria.



Our most popular Customized Portfolios are the following:

A recent coffee table book features the "Top 100" US Coins. Top 100 Portfolios are composed exclusively of coins featured in this book, classics like a MS-64 or MS-65 1907 $20 High Relief St. Guadens, MS-66 Red 1909-S V.D.B. Lincoln Cent, MS-65 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter, or the 1895 Proof Morgan Dollar. Top 100 coins are rare dates with proven historical demand that are perennial favorites of collectors, and may include Key and Famous dates, Proof and Early Gold and Pattern Coins. With each portfolio, you receive a copy of the "Top 100" Book, whose stunning photos enable you to show off your coins safely and conveniently.

Designed to conform to the annual tax-free gift allowance, Legancy Portfolios are the perfect gift for children, grandchildren, and othe family members. Give your loved ones a sense of history with beautiful High-Grade Century Old Gold and Silver Dollars, often with dates or mints marking birthplaces or anniversaries significant to your family history - and help build long-lasting wealth - a Legacy of Wealth - for your progeny.

The pure investor wants high appreciation, high liquidity, and maximum stability. The best coins for this purpose are High Grade Common Date $20 Gold coins. These coins are not only in Gem condition, but also contain nearly an ounce of gold. They ove with teh gold price but tend to drop less when gold drops, and rise faster when gold rises (the "ratchet effect"). Now trading at about double the gold bullion price, they have reached as much as nine times the gold price in previous bull coin markets. Many believe they will again reach those proportions as the US dollar weakens, gold rises, and investors soak up the limited supply which - at under 150,000 total - would be completely wiped out if only 15,000 people bought ten each.

Did you know that US gold coins were minted not only in Carson City, San Francisco, New Orleans and Philadelphia, but also in Charlotte, NC and Dahlonega, GA? Of course, those southern mints were the first target of Union Soldiers at the commencement of the Civil War, so no Charlotte or Delonega coins were minted after 1860. Some dates have fewer than 100 examples known in all grades! Much more exotic than Investment Grade gold coins, these portfolios are for the historically minded collector who appreciates the rare and unusual. Coins in this portfolio are usually condition census (among top ten graded coins for a particular date/denomination).

Morgan Silver Dollars remain one of the most popular coins of American collectors. Assembling a complete set is still possible, although a few dates are quite expensive even in poor condition. None the less, high grade Morgan dollars, especially for the rarer dates, such as high grade Carson City minted coins, have always been very popular, and remain that way today. Far more rare than Morgan Silver Dollars in Gem condition, Peace Dollars are undervalued at present and rapidly increasing in popularity. For some Peace dollar dates, a huge spread between MS-64 and MS-65 presents explosive value potential; and that is a good way to describe Peace dollars in general. A superb collectible with explosive value potential, it is still possible - and affordable (at least for now) to assemble a complete gem condition set of all twenty-four Peace Dollar dates. Lower dollar portfolios contain different dates only, and higher end portfolios can be complete gem condition sets.

Originally minted as sample designs from which the final design for US coins were chosen, Pattern Coins are the rarest and most beautiful of US Coins. While over 2000 different designs are catalogued, the total mintage of all Patterns coins combined is less than 30,000. Minted mainly for display, most remain in high grade proof condition. With prices rising but still much lower than comparatively rare coins, patterns are exceptionally desirable collectibles. Ideal for the aesthetically sophisticated.

One of the most fun collectibles in all Numismatics, 1929 dated National Bank Notes, have about 7,000 different Bank and City Names among all 50 states. Exceptionally inexpensive considering their rarity, they are rapidly gaining in popularity. Collect one from every state! CNP National Bank Note Portfolios arrive in an attractive currency binder with enough slots to hold notes from all 50 States plus the District of Columbia. Only your budget determines how many of those slots are filled. No matter how much money you dedicate to this, you will have a terrific collectible, excellent value, and outstanding upside potential.

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