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          With gold prices up sharply the last few months to around  $550, it is no surprise that rare date gold coin prices are also on the rise.

      While gold bullion prices have no direct impact the price of rare gold, it does encourage the demand for anything made of gold. 

Combined with a fifteen year price stagnation of rare  gold coins, strong bullion prices have provided a catalyst for price increases in rare gold.       Rare gold falls into two main categories: date rarity and

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      By virtually any objective measure, and despite the negative spin by major news outlets, the US economy is strong and growth is powerful.

      This is outstanding for a collector driven market.  Low unemployment and rising individual income means collectors have more cash for coin purchases.  With the Fed signaling the end of interest rate hikes, economic growth near 4%, an active, incrementally rising stock market, strong gold bullion prices, an increasingly stable dollar, and a flattening real estate market, coin buyers have little incentive to divert their dollars to other areas.

      One of the most salient additional factors is the surging economic growth in other parts of the world, specifically in China and India, both of which are now experiencing double digit economic growth. As more wealth

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      Following  the massive success of the state quarter program,    President Bush late last year signed into law a bill mandating the minting of Presidential dollars.  Starting in 2007, the Mint will produce four Presidential dollars per year, starting with George Washington, and continuing to the present, excluding living

ex-presidents. This program will therefore be active at least through 2018.

      Along with the presidential dollars in both silver and circulating base metal, the Mint will produce gold coins of the corresponding First Ladies.

      Just as the state quarter program

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Program Signed into Law


Rare Coins and the Economy


Gold Rarities Sizzle

as Gold Price Climbs 

My Book Just Got E-Published!

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	Happy 2006!
It sure has been for me, as this year, Customized Numismatic Portfolios celebrates its Fifteenth Year in business.
	Thank you for your continuing patronage which has made this milestone possible.  CNP clients are among the most pleasant to work with, which makes my job a real pleasure.
	With the coin market so active,  now is an ideal time  to review and perhaps make  adjustments to your portfolio.  Please feel free to call for advice, guidance and information.
	Personally, 2006 is particularly eventful, as “Balance Transfer Magic” - my first E-book - got  published, and is now available on-line (see article this issue). 
  — Lawrence Goldberg
Owner of CNP
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