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I can pay top dollar for the following:

All US Coins Including:

Flying Eagle, Indian Head and Wheat back Cents,

“V” and Buffalo Nickels,

 Pre-1965 silver dimes, quarters and half dollars of all designs and grades; U.S. Mint and Proof Sets

Morgan & Peace Dollars

All Gold Coins,  Patterns,

Old US Currency,

Foreign Coins/Currency

Watches, Diamonds

Famous autographs




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Presidential Dollar Program  (cont’d)

s, as it would make coin collecting more available to children of all financial backgrounds. 

      As reported last issue, the US Mint spent over $60 million promoting coin collecting as a hobby.  This returned a $600 million profit to the US Treasury last year. I do not believe it will be long before the Mint is spending over $100 million per year to promote coins and coin collecting. 

      As we saw with the state quarter program, this should bring millions of new collectors into the market, and encourage more extensive purchasing by current collectors.  While many new collectors will never get far beyond buying new Mint issues, a significant percentage of new collectors - numbering in the millions -  will develop interest in older coins. 

      More collectors equals more demand equals higher prices. As these programs move toward their end date, it is all but certain that new coin programs - a huge cash cow for the Federal Government -  will be adopted.  It is hard to overstate the contribution this makes to the health of the coin market, and to the long term price prospects for collectible coins at all monetary levels.  Look therefore, for the bull market in collectible coins to run for the next twelve (12)  years.  Yes.  I said “TWELVE!”