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      Gold   and silver  are up over 30% in the last twelve months.   Metals “bulls” predict economic doom, massive inflation, and corresponding increases in gold and silver prices.

      Are these bulls full of bull? Before answering, common

sense dictates: “remember the basic rules.”       

      Basic Rule #1 Historically, precious metals are great for holding value relative  to goods and services, much like a ruler holds value compared to distance. 

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A (Short) Moment of Pause


      Like the famous ground hog, the coin market paused its rapid activity, took a breath at the end of January, looked  around, and went back to work:  Likely not just for six more weeks of winter, but  for the rest of the year and far beyond.  Here’s why.

      Economic recovery and growth continues decisively if not quickly. The stock market has stabilized, the job market is growing (amid questions about job statistic accuracy in the face of increasing numbers for the self-employed), and interest rates remain low.

      The one truly remarkable development in all of this is the significant drop of the dollar, particularly against the Euro.  This will continue to stimulate our economy: It makes our

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      How many times have you heard these phrases: “Everything is cyclical,” or “Everything has cycles?”     The phrase of course implies the idea that what goes up must go down; and what goes down will rise.

      The obvious goal is to buy when the cycle is down, and sell when the cycle is up: much easier said than 

done, and of course, hindsight is always “20-20.”       Perhaps you have also heard it is “impossible” to “time” the market, and when it comes to the exact peaks and valleys, that’s probably true.       Having said all this, and having nearly  twenty-five years professional

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Coin Market Cycles

What Are They and How do You Know?

Rare Coins and the Economy


Gold and Silver in Play

Are the Bulls full of Bull?

“(...there are an estimated one hundred sixty million US coin collectors, a six to seven fold increase from only five years ago.”

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	First an apology:  Some of you received multiple copies of October’s newsletter; others got none. Our data base was so corrupted we had to use last June’s back up data.   Please bear with us as  changes made since last June were have been lost.   
	Coin prices continue to rise, and superb buying, selling and trading opportunities abound. It’s only February but it feels like Spring.
	Finally, a huge “Thank you!”  for all your terrific feedback on this newsletter. I want to know your questions and issues so I can be more effective in my work. I invite you to call me with feedback, questions, or even just to say hello.     	

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