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I pay top dollar because my operating costs are lower than my competitors.  Following are coins and items I often buy:

All US Coins Including:

Flying Eagle, Indian Head and Wheat back Cents,

“V” and Buffalo Nickels,

 Pre-1965 silver dimes, quarters and half dollars of all designs and grades; U.S. Mint and Proof Sets

Morgan & Peace Dollars

All Gold Coins,  Patterns,

Old US Currency,

Foreign Coins/Currency

Watches, Diamonds

Famous autographs



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Coin Market Cycles (cont')

significant net profit today.

      In 1997, rolls of silver quarters and dimes were “too cheap.”  Most quarter rolls have since more than doubled, and most dime rolls are up as well.

      Today, the coin market is in a strong bull run.  Prices are rising in virtually every area of the market. Economic conditions and a one hundred sixty million person collector base all but guarantee the bull market in coins will continue for quite some time yet.     

      In bull markets, one is wise to be very particular: Prices can climb too fast. Impatience to “get in while the going (“up cycle”) is good cause people to pay too much for common material that is bound to fall. 

      Good buys can be had, but they are more difficult to find. Knowing we are in a bull market clues smart buyers to search out the rarer coins and the better deals.  It also is an outstanding time to re-evaluate your collection/portfolio to see if there are any cycles you should take advantage of now in terms of selling or trading.  Trading common date material that has risen for better date material is one of the most effective and profitable strategies to take during a bull market. 

   It is also a good time to search out the market for those areas which have not yet risen along with the rest of the market.  Right now, the most prominent of those areas is rare date gold.