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       Until the last quarter of 2004, the gold coin market - rare date gold in particular - has been in the doldrums.  Prices for some coins had remained static for as long as five years.  In last issue I noted increasing interest in gold. That interest has now translated into higher

prices for key gold coins, for example high relief St. Gaudens, better date $20 Liberties and Saints, and some Charlotte and Delonega gold.  Some increase is certainly due to the roughly 

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      The price of oil seems clearly established above $50 a barrel. The U. S. dollar, after slipping over 30% in 2004 continues slightly downward. Economic growth is adequate, as the Fed  holds interest rates to a slow upward trend.  This promises continued strength for gold and silver bullion which will likely continue to spur upward pressure on rare coin prices. 

      All these trends are gradual. These economic policies combined with positive political developments in Iraq, Lebanon, Israel and a nascent Palestine,  and the rapprochement of the U.S. with Europe, the “big picture” points toward increasing stabilization as economic factors adjust to the post 9-11 reality.  This does not say that all is rosy. The complex world in which we live is fraught with dangers and potential pitfalls.  A burst in oil

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      What do you do if you find yourself owning a large accumulation of coins? Typically, this occurs when a coins are inherited, but often involves a situation where someone has loosely thrown change into large water bottles or boxes. On page two is a partial list of the type of coins likely to appear in accumulations.       Each collection

is different, but certain steps should  always be taken in the following order:


1.  Sort coins

2.  List  coins

3.        Research and ask questions.


      Sorting before listing will save hours and a lot of aggravation. Once that is

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How to handle a


Rare Coins and the Economy


Coin Market Sparkles

Gold Scintillates

“The best way to make money in rare coins is to think

like a collector.”

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	This issue of Rare Coin Report focuses on inheritances of rare coins.
	How do you handle an inheritance? How best prepare your coin accumulation to maximize its sales value?  
	Which coins if any should be kept as keepsakes or for future profit? How can you simplify things for your heirs? How can you ensure your heirs get fair value should they choose to sell?
	As the son of an attorney who handled wills and estates for over half a century, and the brother of another who currently does the same,  I have some familiarity with the process. In this issue, I will share my observations.  I hope you find the information of value. .
  — Lawrence Goldberg
Owner of CNP
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