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I can pay top dollar for the following:

All US Coins Including:

Flying Eagle, Indian Head and Wheat back Cents,

V and Buffalo Nickels,

Pre-1965 silver dimes, quarters and half dollars of all designs and grades; U.S. Mint and Proof Sets

Morgan & Peace Dollars

All Gold Coins, Patterns,

Old US Currency,

Foreign Coins/Currency

Watches, Diamonds

Famous autographs




Customized Numismatic Portfolios

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          Preparing Coin Accumulations

          Rare Coins and the Economy

          How to Sort a Coin Accumulation

          Rare Date Gold Heats Up

          Selling Coin Accumulations

          Coin Categories and Rolls.


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Working With a Coin Dealer

hour. Unless you need a written evaluation and have numerous uncertified coins of high value, this is an unnecessary expenditure. Most reputable coin dealers will give you a free overview in the hope they will eventually do business with you. A pre-sorted collection makes it easier for the dealer to do free evaluations since it saves him time.

I generally do free evaluations if I know the individual is ready to sell, even if hours of work are involved in evaluating a non-sorted collection. Its good business and saves sellers time and aggravation. If, however, there are coins you intend to keep, pull them out BEFORE having the coin dealer look at them, or at least tell the dealer your intention up front. Few things are more aggravating to dealers than spending long free hours pricing uncertified coins the seller does not intend to sell.

NEVER be afraid to ask questions.