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buyers risk is low, as gold shows bull tendencies. 

      In other words, buy rare date, high grade gold with confidence; buy bullion cautiously.

      Traders: Trading bullion dominated gold for better date high grade material, might now give the best of both worlds. Bullion prices have risen nicely, and might not have that much more to go, whereas rarer date higher grade material has not yet made its strong moves, and can be purchased

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of room to rise. If  gold continues up or flattens and holds, rare high grade coins should  rise even more.  If gold drops, which is unlikely now, rare, high grade gold should hold its value, and could even continue rising.

      If buying gold bullion, beware: gold has rarely been a good investment, and while you might profit in the short term, you might not. If your plan is gold accumulation, proceed with caution, especially if prices sky-rocket in a short time, as this indicates speculation has taken over. At current price levels,


Following are seven common reasons people sell their coins:


¨         You have “junk” coins you wish to trade for rarities.

¨         Your coin accumulation is  heavy, bulky, and you wish to consolidate it or turn it to cash.

¨         You need cash.

¨         Your age or condition requires simplifying your assets and making them liquid. 

¨         You overpaid for coins and you could use a tax loss.   

¨         You inherited a collection you must sell or split among heirs.

¨         You have lost interest in coins.


Thinking of Selling Your Coins?

Rare Date Gold     (cont’)

Gold: Pay Attention to Basics (cont’)

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like a on steroids.  Does this  set the stage for a dramatic fall in gold prices? Or is it just the first phase in a bull market that will send gold to an all time high by the end of 2006?  Either way, the current direction of gold and silver is now up.  Whether they can sustain higher prices is uncertain.

      In either case, rare high grade gold has only begun rising, and   should outperform gold bullion in either a bull or bear market.  If gold really charges up, rare and high grade gold should explode price wise, and drag the rest of the coin market with it.  

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however, continues to  exert force: Electronic Trading Funds (EFT) provide efficient world wide internet assisted buying and selling of warehoused bullion.  The doubling of  gold and tripling of silver prices the last six years, provides powerful market hype. 

      This eerily resembles the oil scenario, where an estimated $10-$20 per barrel is the result of speculation supported by very real world wide demand. The comparison to oil is particularly apt, since similar factors, such as Iranian presidential rants and threats push up both oil and precious metals prices.

      Heavy Infusion of investment dollars could cause the market to react


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