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from government spending designed to grease economic wheels and make voters feel comfortable with the status quo.

      As noted last issue of Rare Coin Report, rising metals prices directly affect coins whose value derives mostly from bullion content.  Rising metals prices also spur demand  for anything made of gold and silver, which indirectly drives up prices on  high grade, rare date coins.

      Thus, silver dollar and gold coin prices are trending up —bullion intensive coins from their metals content, and rarer higher grade material because of increasing collector demand.

      This should continue, as the history of higher prices will likely entice investment dollars not only into metals, but also into coins.  Rare


Pattern Coin and

Currency Update

Rare Coins and the Economy (cont’d)

Customized Numismatic Portfolios

Text Box: Rising Gold Price Affect Gold Coins?
      Gold coin prices rise along with the gold price depending on their gold content.  Thus, if gold rises by $100 per ounce, a one ounce gold coin will rise by $100. 
      This is obvious if the value of the coin is close to its bullion value.  However, with rare date or high grade gold, the bullion value is a relatively small part of the

gold and silver coin prices are not at levels where buying poses serious risk.

      If trading bullion dominated coins for rare coins is part of your basic plan, now is probably an ideal time to get into action.

      It may also be a buying opportunity for some truly rare and desirable coins temporarily out of the limelight.       Please refer to related articles in this issue of Rare Coin Report for suggestions on how to manage your coins in this kind of economic climate.



      Continuing excitement over rising metals prices has focused attention on gold coins and silver dollars.

      In doing so, it has also sucked attention away from other areas of numismatics. As a result of that temporarily softer demand, now is a great time to obtain coins in those areas. Three areas deserve particular attention: Pattern coins, collectible currency, and 19th Century silver type.        Pattern prices were already softening when attention shifted to gold.  Prices held, but the edge slipped, leaving very favorable pricing for the intentional buyer.

      Similarly, currency which was hot in February hiccupped as attention fled to gold. Nonetheless, long term prospects for currency continues extraordinary—a superb buying opportunity.

      Silver type is ice cold right now, and has not had much of a move in a long time. Since all parts of the numismatic market go through cycles, silver type might represent one of the best values in coins today.

      These three areas all remain absolutely outstanding long term opportunities based on limited supply. strong expansion of the collector base, and relatively low prices. All three areas should experience huge price increases in the future. 

“Balance Transfer Magic”

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now available on-line

      My intention in writing the e-book “Balance Transfer Magic,” was to help people get out of big credit card debt.  This was recognized by, a consumer oriented website specializing in credit cards, which last month endorsed “Balance Transfer Magic” making it  a permanent fixture on their resources page, and a featured book in their May newsletter.

      That same week, the Learning Annex—the same organization which sponsors large seminars featuring Donald Trump and Suze Orman—contracted me to teach three classes based on “Balance Transfer                             

Magic, on May 22, June 22 and July 24.  All classes will be in the Los Angeles area. 

      In addition to working with people who have debt problems, part of the class will deal with how to use credit cards as a cash money maker and as a tool of entrepreneurial opportunity.

      Some of you have already taken advantage of this information to finance, at 0% or close to that, the purchase of a coin (or some other item) you really wanted that you knew would be hard to find later or that you desired right away.

      If you know anyone who might want to buy (or who needs!) this e-book, please refer them to  They will also find a promotional code there for a $10 discount to the Learning Annex class.