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††††† The July 30 auction by Sotheby's of the extraordinary 1933 St. Gauden is fueling excitement not only in the numismatic world - it is becoming a summer media superstar.

††††† Cameras and crowds surrounded the well guarded display at the Long Beach Coin

Show as hundreds (including this writer) waited in line to view the coin.

††††† Illegal to own in the United States because of the 1933 law which outlawed gold, the coin only regained legal status in the US last year as

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††††† Interest rates are low and stable.† The stock market is slowly sliding lower as accounting and business practices of US corporations encounter increasing scrutiny.† Gold prices are edging upward, and the international situation, particularly in the Middle East and South Asia (India and Pakistan) is continually unstable.

††††† Real estate prices are strong but have been† leveling off lately, even in the traditionally stronger markets.† Overall economic numbers are improving incrementally.††

††††† The outlook for the economy in general appears to be more of the same for the foreseeable future.†

††††† In contrast, the coin market is increasingly active, with prices showing plus signs, albeit small ones in virtually all areas.

††††† In some ways, this

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††††† One of the great advantages to certified PCGS and NGC grading is protection against counterfeit coins.† When I first started in rare coins over twenty years ago, we did not have that protection.† Today, when dealing with uncertified coins, the problem remains significant.

††††† Over the years I have become wary of uncertified coins, especially gold, because in past years, there has been a significant amount of counterfeiting.† Approximately fifty per cent of the old time collections I have purchased at least some contained

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How Serious a Problem is Counterfeiting?

The Coin Market

& the Economy


1933 St. Gauden Auction Feeds Market Action

With gold prices edging upward, a volatile international political situation, lackluster stock market, stable interest rates, topping out real estate market and a sideways, slightly improving economy,† coins are getting hotter.

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	The coin market is heating up.  Trading activity is brisk. Dealers nationwide are thrilled by increasing customer demand in all areas from the rare and exotic to the modern and plentiful.  Rising gold prices are also contributing.
	Active markets divide people into three categories: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those that wonder what the heck happened.
	If, like many, you have procrastinated reviewing your portfolio, grading uncertified coins, or buying that special piece youíve wanted, please, I urge you, act now.  There is no better time to buy, sell or trade coins than in an active market, because both demand and supply increase.  Do not delay.  Call me for help. Thatís why I am here.

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