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Following are coins and items I frequently buy:


Indian Head Cents

Buffalo Nickels

19th Century Silver Type

Pre-1965 silver coins.

U.S. Mint and Proof Sets

Morgan Silver Dollars

Peace Silver Dollars

All Gold coins

Pattern Coins

Old Currency

Large Size Currency

Gold and Silver Bullion



Famous autographs

Old inkwells



Customized Numismatic Portfolios

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What’s with Gold?

      Gold prices have been rising, mainly due to the lackadaisical performance of stocks and interest rates and the increasingly unstable world political situation.  Does this mean gold is going to $1000 per ounce as some marketers tout?

Unlikely.  Over the last 10-15 years, gold production capacity world wide has grown extensively, and technological improvements have dramatically reduced the cost of gold production. Thus, price increases in gold are met with increased supplies which eventually drop the price.  While gold stocks have been stellar performers in recent months, gold price increases will likely be modest.  Even those, however, will focus more attention on coins as alternatives to traditional investment areas.  Watch for increased advertising and promotion in the weeks ahead.