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      Gold and silver bullion prices surged following the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, The price of common date gold coins rose right along with bullion.

      This type of activity is typical in response to unsettling

world events, and we have seen it many times in the past.  The question that always remains however, is whether this is part of a sustained bull run, or whether it will just be a price spike that will subsequently fall

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      It seems that the attack on the World Trade Center has brought just about everything else down along with the twin towers:  The stock market, interest rates, energy costs, economic activity, consumer confidence, along with virtually all  economic indicators.

      Coins and gold are two exceptions.

      U.S. Coins were already trending upward as of September 11.  Since strife tends to encourage people to buy gold and rare coins, this accelerated upward trend could continue for months and possibly even years. After all, we are now in a “war” our leaders tell us will be of long duration and other flash points are likely.

      While the lack of general business activity temporarily punished the coin market along with the rest of the country as coin

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      The publication of the first pattern price guide in February, 2000 thrust Patterns into the mainstream coin market for the first time. 

      Ever since then, there has been constant speculation about when the next price guide would be published, who would  published it, and what would be its frequency of publication. 

      Word leaked months ago that the second price guide was finished, and would soon be published, but no guide actually appeared.

      What surfaces now is that the Robert Hughes, pattern expert and publisher of the first price guide

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Publication of New Pattern Price Guide Delayed

The Coin Market

& the Economy

Are Investors Back?

Common Date Gold:  How high will it go?

“There will be no shortage of liquidity”

—Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve Chairman

(September 13, 2001)

Text Box: Message from the Owner

	Like all Americans, I am saddened and outraged by the events of September 11, 2001.  My heartfelt sympathies and prayers go out to all the victims, and their families. 
	Through the anger and sadness however, is an awesome admiration for the police, fire and emergency personnel and all the volunteers who stepped up in the time of crisis.  We can all be inspired by their courage, tenacity and character.
	As President Bush and other leaders so strongly stated, one of the ways of denying victory to the terrorists is to get back to the business of our lives, even though many of us (me included) don’t always feel like it.
	In this newsletter I will do my best to assess the impact of these events on the rare coin market.
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Strategies for rare coins.  
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