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Following are coins and items I frequently buy:


Indian Head Cents

Buffalo Nickels

19th Century Type coins

Pre-1965 silver coins.

U.S. Mint and Proof Sets

Morgan Silver Dollars

Peace Silver Dollars

All Gold coins

Pattern Coins

Old Currency

Gold and Silver Bullion



Famous autographs

Old inkwells


Customized Numismatic Portfolios

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1. The Pattern Coin market has tremendous room for expansion. 2. The publication of the first Pattern Price Guide in February, 2000 made widespread trading in pattern coinage possible. 3. Pattern prices have risen 10-20% since February, 2000. 4. A second pattern price guide, reflecting these higher prices will be published soon. 5. Patterns are exceptoinally rare. PCGS and NGC combined have certified less than 11,000 total individual pattern coins including all designs and grades. 6. Current Prices for Pattern coins are only 5%-20% the price of other coins of similar rarity and grade. 7. Patterns are among the most beautiful and interesting of U.S. coins - very desirable for collectors. 8. Investors who think like collectors win big. 9. Market conditions are terrific for coin investing in general, and outstanding for Pattern coins in particular. 10. Many Patterns are now truly affordable - but probably wont be for long.

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Pattern Coins Now!

Obv. & Rev. J-73 Restrike

1838 $.50 PCGS


J-742 1869 $.50 NGC