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      More than one year ago, Coin World reported that an estimated 130 million people - over 40% of the US population - were collecting the new State Quarters.  The hobby of coin collecting exploded. Coin clubs started springing up all over the country, and

existing coin clubs dramatically increased membership.

      Not confined to state quarters, the entire coin market is hopping with activity.  Demand is increasing in virtually every section of the market,

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      As of this writing, the bears rule wall street. Stock prices are sliding. The economy is sluggish. Interest rates remain low and may head even lower. Real estate appears to be topping out,  even slightly weakening in many parts of the country. Possible war with Iraq and general uncertainty about corporate profits and misdoings loom over the economy.

      In contrast, the last three months have ushered in the most explosive rare coin market in over a decade.  Trading activity is robust in all numismatic areas.  Huge demand is matching huge supply among low grade and common date coins.  Demand for specific dates, rarer pieces, and tougher to find coins is significantly outstripping supply, leaving many dealers with long “want” lists.

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      Over two years ago, CNP began recommending Pattern Coins.  The first comprehensive price guide for patterns had just been printed. Prices of patterns were one-fifth to one-twen-tieth those of coins of comparable rarity and grade. PCGS and NGC had collectively certified less than 11,000

patterns including all designs and all grades - a minuscule number.  They are usually high grade and stunningly beautiful. Their historical significance, exceptionally low mint-ages and diversity of design make them exceptionally

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Pattern Coin Market

Prices Exploding

The Coin Market

& the Economy


Collectors Fuel Torrid Coin Market

“Pattern coins (are) the most extraordinary opportunity for sustained, significant price increase in any area of numismatics that I have ever seen.”

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	Thank you.

	2002 has been an excellent year for CNP, and I owe it all to you.  Without you, my clients, I would not be buying and selling coins no matter how hard I worked.  
	Without you, my readers, I would not have the opportunity to distill my observations, research and knowledge into writing that helps me to crystalize my own perspective.  
	Since I began CNP in 1991, I have been committed to providing you with the best service, information, and quality/price on coins whether you are buying, selling - or just reading.
	I remain committed to those standards as the coin market powers forward.   So again, thank you for your business and for your audience.
  — Lawrence Goldberg
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