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Following are coins and items I frequently buy:


Indian Head Cents

Buffalo Nickels

19th Century Silver Type

Pre-1965 silver coins.

U.S. Mint and Proof Sets

Morgan Silver Dollars

Peace Silver Dollars

All Gold coins

Pattern Coins

Old Currency

Large Size Currency

Gold and Silver Bullion



Famous autographs

Old inkwells



Customized Numismatic Portfolios

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Tax Issues and Coins

      Coin Dealers are not required by law to file any forms with any Local, State or Federal Agency revealing buys and sells of their clients, unless it is a cash transaction over $10,000. Thus, coins have a privacy advantage not enjoyed by other financial instruments.  Coin buyers are not technically exempt from Federal or State laws which may require or allow the reporting of profits or losses which can offset short term income or capital gains.  The onus to report such profits and/or losses is on the customer, not the coin dealer. 

      Usually, a taxpayer can deduct from ordinary income three thousand dollars of loss per year, and the losses can roll over to future years.  An unlimited amount of loss can be used to offset capital gains.  CNP is not a tax professional.  Always consult your tax professional regarding any and all tax issues as they relate to you.