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      How do you know which coins to sell, and when to sell them? For many collectors the answer is some variant of “I’ll sell my coins when you can pry them out of my cold dead fingers.”  

      In over  twenty years in coins I have

learned hat the most effective strategy for making money in coins is to think like a collector: buy and hold.

      Sometimes, however, selling coins is appropriate for collectors and

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Round and Round and Round She Goes, Where She Stops, Nobody Knows


      It is not be a game of musical chairs, but the US economy is spinning nowhere sort of slowly.       Good economic news is followed by bad economic news, is followed by mediocre economic news, along with news that all this news could change radically for better or worse tomorrow.

      In the midst of all this, gold prices spiked above $390 only to fall ignominiously. This excited some gold bugs, and slightly impacted prices for some gold coins, but otherwise had little influence.

      The weak but recently strengthening dollar is headed upward or downward depending on who you talk to, and while the US is experiencing a stronger economy, unemployment 

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      The 2003 Judd Book, the catalogue for Pattern Coins, which also contains only the second comprehensive price guide for pattern coins in history (the first was in February, 2000) has sold out its first printing, barely a month after it was released to the public. Whitman Publishing would not specify the exact quantity of the first

printing, but best estimates put it at about 5000.                 At first blush, this may not seem like an impassive number. However, when one considers that PCGS and NGC have certified less than twelve thousand total pattern coins between them, it suddenly becomes

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Pattern Coins Stay Hot

New Judd Book Sells Out

Second Printing On The Way

Rare Coins and the Economy


Selling Coins

When, which ones, why?

The New 2004 Series $20 Frderal Reserve Note (FRN) should be in circulation around October 9, 2003

Text Box: Message from the Owner

	This issue represents a departure from the past.  For the first time, actual items for sale will be offered in these pages.  It was never my intention to make this newsletter a catalogue, but when I ran into some unusual items I thought might be of interest, I decided to experiment
	Also, while Pattern Coins have been hot, are continuing hot with no end in sight,  I have distinguished another area of numismatics that has terrific potential. Specifically, I am referring to US printed paper currency.  See page three.
	We have begun what I believe is a golden age of coins.  The future of the hobby - and of rising prices - appears very rosy indeed.
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(Part 2)  
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