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Following are coins and items I frequently buy:


All US Coins Including:

Flying Eagle, Indian Head and Wheat back Cents

“V” and Buffalo Nickels

Seated Liberty, Barber dimes, quarters, halves,

Mercury Dimes, Walking Liberty Halves,

 Pre-1965 circ. silver U.S. Mint and Proof Sets

Morgan & Peace Dollars

Gold, Patterns,

Old US Currency,

Foreign Coins

Watches, Diamonds

Famous autographs



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Pattern Coins Stay Hot (cont')

Ironically, prices in Judd 2003 are in many cases too low for actual current market levels.

      Publicity for the Judd Book will undoubtedly be enhanced by the first appearance of a section on pattern coins n the 2004 Redbook (Guide Book for US Coins).  Both the Red Book and the Judd Book are published by Whitman, a long time supplier of coin books and supplies.

      Meanwhile, Pattern coins continue their march toward popularity.  Higher prices have coaxed some of the most extraordinary pattern coins out into the market.  In the last two months, I have been offered aluminum and copper $4 Stellas, parts of the famous Amazonian gold pattern sets, and some amazing sets of pattern dollars, all in extremely high grade.  These are coins priced between $20,000 and $75,000 apiece.  Even at that price, they are still just a fraction the price of regular issue coins of similar rarity and grade.  For example, I was offered a matched set of $4 Stella Aluminum and Copper PR-67 patterns - extremely rare pieces, for a combined price around the same as the relatively common 1879 Flowing Hair $4 Stella in actual gold stella sells for in PR-65!

  Despite the fact that the 2003 Judd book was published only at the beginning of August, its prices were frequently - though not always - exceeded both at auction and at the recent Long Beach Coin Show. 

  The pattern market is like a stream of rampaging army ants: Unstoppable, and with no end in sight.

  How nice for us Pattern Buyers!