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      Gold peaked at  725/oz on May 12. Its subsequent price drop has helped create an outstanding buy opportunity for “generic” gold.

      “Generic” refers to pre-1933 common date gold coins: Liberty,  St. Gaudens, and In

dian, usually certified in mint state by PCGS or NGC.  Coins trade and prices change daily, creating a liquid, dynamic market.

      While considered “common” the availability of generic

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      As predicted last issue, interest rates have leveled off, and gas prices are falling. Gold and silver  retreated from highs, but still show strength. Despite drops in real estate, most homeowners retain considerable equity.  A weak dollar and a resurgent but stable stock market all help create conditions that favor a continued bull market in rare coins and currency.

      Particularly, the gold price retreat should be observed through a long term perspective.  While prices did drop from $725/oz. on May 12, they are up from $400/oz on Dec. 2003 and the low of $252.80 on July 20, 1999. 

      Still in place are fundamentals which drive gold prices:  a weakening dollar, increase in oil demand, and worldwide economic development, mainly in China and India.

      The lull in international strife is not likely to

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      In 2000, I predicted pattern coins to be a ground floor opportunity. I was right. Most patterns purchased then rose significantly.

      I believe an even greater opportunity now exists with small size National Bank Notes. 

      In 1929, the new Federal Reserve chartered about 7000 banks to print $5-$100  notes, each stamped with the chartered bank’s name.

These names are often romantic, unusual, rare, bizarre, and/or historical; and therein lies their attraction to collectors: The FNB (First National Bank) of Bangor, PA, FNB of Ripon, WI, First Italy NB San Francisco, CA Nixon NB Reno, NV and the list goes on and on.  One truly fun aspect is that



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National Bank Notes

Outstanding Buying Opportunity

Rare Coins and the Economy


Gold Price Drop

Buying Opportunity

For Generic Gold

Everything is in place for an explosive market in generic gold”

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	For the first time in five years, the coin market took a short respite this summer, and we took full advantage by burning some frequent flier miles and taking our rest in magnificent Greece.  The weak dollar vs. Euro was shocking and partially explains why coin and currency markets are now raging back. 
	I’ve said it before and I say it again: we are in a golden period for coin and currency collectors, with new opportunities coming around all the time. But you can’t take advantage of it if you don’t take action.
	Call me.  Let’s figure out what action - if any—right for you.
	Meanwhile, check out our new, partially functional website:

  — Lawrence Goldberg
Owner of CNP
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