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last too long; any increase in tensions tends to spur gold prices.

      The stock market shows strength but nothing even close to the kind of wild market we experienced in the 1990’s.

      Republican weakness in upcoming Congressional elections should create a stalemated political climate and therefore stable slow growth conditions for the next two years.

      Nothing in the investment arena appears to have significant potential to divert collector money from coins.

      Additionally, the commencement of the Presidential Dollar Program and First Lady Gold Commemoratives will spur strong marketing by the United States Mint.  I expect 2007 Mint mar


Pattern Coin and

Currency Update

Rare Coins and the Economy (cont’d)

Customized Numismatic Portfolios

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keting and advertising costs to approach $100 million—a powerful market stimulant.

      Since those programs will last eleven years at least, it seems very reasonable to expect a steadily up-trending market giving sellers good prices, and buyers new inventory at fair prices.

      Expect continued growth in coin prices and collector demand.

      Thus, now is a great time to review portfolios, upgrade to rare or high grade generic

Patterns Solid

Currency Trends Up


      This summer was the first time in five years that coin business actually slowed—but only enough to catch its breath.

      Thus, supplies for pattern coins increased, but not enough to drop prices.  Prices will need to rise more to bring out choice material. Whether that happens or not—and how soon—is another question.  More than likely, it will happen slowly, creating a very slow buyer’s market in pattern coins.  Good buys are there, but they take time and patience to locate.

       The collectible currency market is more exciting and getting hotter all the time.  Super gem certified large notes have become so pricey so fast, they probably should retrench but probably will not. If they do, it will be a good buying opportunity.

      Meanwhile, small size National Bank Notes are developing into a market with  huge upside potential. I recommend buying these to everyone, as excellent deals are available on both common and rare notes. Prices are headed upward, but still have a long way to go before they reflect the true rarity of these superb collectibles.  Additionally, market penetration is increasing but has reached only a small fraction of its potential.  This is a dynamic ground floor opportunity if ever there was one.





      Current Approximate Sell Prices for Generic Gold Coins

(subject to change on daily basis)

      Coin    MS-61    MS-62     MS-63     MS-64     MS-65

St. Gaudens                    760            925         1550

$20 Liberty                    950          1475         4200

$10 Indian    700         975       1450          2075

$10 Liberty      410         430       1050         1975

$5 Indian         775       1150       2400         3750

$5 Liberty        275         350       1250         1925

$2.5 Indian      390         610         950         1500

$2.5 Liberty     380         515         950         1300          

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