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      The bull market in coins continues unabated.  Trading activity continues strong and prices continue upward in almost all areas.  In some areas, notably silver dollars, mint and proof sets, and BU dime and quarter rolls, the upward thrust has been so high and fast its

“begging” for a fall.       For rarities, however, the upward trend remains steady and should continue steady into the foreseeable future.     

      The primary reason for this is that the collector pool continues to grow, and is

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      The economy is shouting recovery loud and clear, if gradual.  Interest rates are edging up. The stock market is sideways. Oil prices are softening after a sharp rise, silver and gold have fallen off their highs. The war in Iraq is evolving into a new political arrangement with international cooperation at least to a point.

      Last year’s thirty per cent drop in the dollar had an impact on rare coins prices, but for the future, the dollar will likely stabilize at current levels. 

      The impact on the coin market is fractured, that is, different parts of the market are affected differently.

      First, depending on degree, the inevitable rise in interest rates will negatively impact some coins.  The primary impact will almost certainly be on bullion dominated and common material.  These

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      The increase in pattern coin prices over the last three years has enticed some long term pattern collectors to sell —often at huge profits— creating a superb buying opportunity for pattern coins.

      At first, this seems contradictory. How can rising prices present a good buying opportunity?    The answer is simple. 

      Higher prices entice people to sell, which in turn creates available supply levels temporarily more than sufficient to satisfy buyer demand.  This is reinforced by the fact that we are at the beginning of summer, traditionally the “slow” time for coin  buyers.  The net result is that many out

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“Now is a selling opportunity for silver dollars, BU quarter and dime rolls, mint and proof sets and bullion dominated gold and silver.”

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	Summer is here, the coin market is active, and it’s a great time to be alive.  Even divisive election politics won’t  our fun in “playing coins.”
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