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pects, however, continue outstanding.  There are so few patterns in general, the steady increase in pattern buyers will eventually squeeze the supply.  

      The significance of this cannot be overstated.  he total number of pattern coins certified by PCGS and NGC now stands at 12,842.  This includes all designs and all grades, and counting any coins that have been sent in for certification more than once.

      I am working on a statistical abstract about pattern

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standing pattern coins are trading at a discount from their recent highs.

      It must be stressed that this condition is temporary.  This started several months ago, and will likely continue through the summer, traditionally a slow season for coins.  It must be viewed  in context of the strong increase in pattern coin prices from their lows four to five years ago. Expect the lull to continue only until Fall, 2004. 

      The long term pros


Following are seven common reasons people sell their coins:


¨         You have “junk” coins you wish to trade for rarities.

¨         Your coin accumulation is  heavy, bulky, and you wish to consolidate it or turn it to cash.

¨         You need cash.

¨         Your age or condition requires simplifying your assets and making them liquid. 

¨         You overpaid for coins that now are static, and you could use a tax loss.   

¨         You inherited a coin collection you need to sell or split among the heirs.

¨         You have lost interest in coins.

Thinking of Selling Your Coins?

Coin Demand Increases     (cont’)

Patterns (cont’)

Customized Numismatic Portfolios


will start a program of one dollar coins featuring all U.S. Presidents, starting with George Washington and continuing, at the rate of four per year, until all presidents have been so honored.  That’s approximately an eleven year program! 

      Accompanying the dollar coins would be gold bullion coins honoring all the first ladies, the first issues ever to do so, and ones that will likely be extremely popular.

      Such powerful promotion dramatically increases the collector pool, which translates over time into strongly increased demand for rarities.  This will likely be the most sustained bull market in rare date coins in history.  




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large enough to exert continual demand on areas of low supply.

      A strong contributor to this growth continues to be the United States Government.  The state quarter program proved that new issues and design changes spur collector interest, and are a cash cow for the Mint. The Mint, therefore, spends millions promoting the joys of coin collecting.

      This will continue. New quarters were only the beginning. Many new issues and design changes are in the works.   New nickels have been created, and there have been numerous discussions of changes for the half dollar, penny and dime.

      A bill now rapidly working its way through Congress


Text Box: FAQ:   Are there other grading companies besides PCGS and NGC that you recommend?

ANSWER:  ANACS is useful sometimes since they will certify some “problem” coins that PCGS and NGC will not certify.   Naturally, ANACS coins sell at a discount.   Another service, ICG is gaining a good reputation, but before using them, I intend to wait longer to allow them to become more established.

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