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areas have experienced strong increases in recent months. As high prices entice potentially huge supplies into the market, prices will level off and drop. 

      Thus, now is a selling opportunity for BU quarter and dime rolls, silver dollars, mint and proof sets and bullion dominated gold and silver.

      The outlook for true rarities is exactly opposite.

      The huge and growing pool of collectors in recent years will pressure supplies.  Fueled by strong promotion of the numismatic hobby by the US Mint advertising, as well as numerous design changes in coins, the strong demand for  rarer coins


A Satisfied Client

Economics and the Coin Market

Customized Numismatic Portfolios


	Sometimes, as parts of collections or estates, I buy odd lots, coins too “low end” for most of my clients, or material I do not generally recommend.  I must convert them to cash immediately. Often, I “blow these out” to dealers, sometimes at a loss, but always at  great prices.
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should continue regardless of economic conditions. However, the growing economy puts more available cash in collector hands, which will fuel more buying. 

      The market is so strongly collector driven that it remains resistant if not impervious to typical economic fluctuations.  Thus even selling opportunities do not signal an end to price increases.

      While ebb and flow on  prices of truly rare coins, such as patterns, better date gold and long time collector favorites will continue, prices for these coins should continue rising in the long term and for the foreseeable future.

      Recommendation: Buy patterns, rare date gold, and

      One thing critically important to me is my relations with my clients. Over the years since I started my company in 1991, I have prided myself in giving the best customer service possible.  The result is that I have almost never used any formal advertising of any kind, and often receive references from happy clients.

      One of my clients recently wrote a letter of recommendation for me.  Following is an excerpt:

      “…Lawrence has  been superlative in his knowledge, expertise, patience and good humor in helping liquidate an inherited coin collection.  Having consulted numerous other agents, I have found Lawrence  to be fair and honest, qualities sadly lacking the numismatic industry today.  Have no  hesitation in soliciting his help; you will rest easy in the knowledge your numismatics were well transacted and pleasantly so.”

      B.V.  Santa Barbara, CA


      This kind of response thrills me, and makes it all worthwhile. 







Rare Gold

       One area of numismatics that has not enjoyed a particularly strong price upsurge in the last couple of years is rare date gold. 

      This has been disappointing for some, especially if a rapid price rise was expected, but it underscores the importance of a long term approach to coin buying: and that holds

that holds true whether you are a collector or an investor.

      Part of the problem with rare date gold has been the PCGS and NGC population reports.  Some dealers in search of higher grades have sent the same coin in literally dozens of times.  They are supposed to send the discarded tags from the old holders into PCGS and NGC so that the population reports can be kept accurate, but this does not always happen.  The result is that

PCGS and NGC population figures for rare date gold coins are severely inflated.  There are other sources for  population information, but not everyone knows to use them, and this has contributed to the temporary lull.

      The good news is that there is increasing activity in rare date gold.  Gold coins often react separate from other parts of the market, but they always have come back in the past, and I expect they will in the future as well.  Rare date gold remains—at least for now—a buyer’s market.