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The New Coin Market


      Over the last few years the Coin Market has experienced a significant shift.  In the 1980’s  the Rare Coin Market was dominated by investors.  Today it is the collectors that are driving the market. 

      This is not a sudden phenomena, but has been developing

over the last few years.   Common date bullion based gold and silver coins, once the favorites of   investors, have been sliding in value. The better, rare material has been holding its own or rising.  This trend has now solidified.  Thus, anyone with an eye to

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      The Stock market no longer rages.  Economic growth has slowed, stopped, perhaps even backslid.  Interest rates are low and  going lower.  No investment area is truly  “hot.”  There is even talk  about “recession?”    

      Of couse, we must remember  that a recession is a statistical abstract.  It does not strike the entire economy, but rather, hits certain sectors much harder than others.  If  recession does happen, I  don’t expect it to be prolonged or  deep.  Those with financial resources will fare well.  Expect a tax cut which will increase spendable cash for coin buyers.

      More significantly than recession however, is the potential for inflation.  To finance economic expansion, the

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      Every once in a while an extraordinary opportunity  surfaces.  Imagine if you had invested in Microsoft in 1984, Las Vegas in 1980, silver dollars in 1963, dotcom names in 1995?  

      I now believe  just such an opportunity  exists in Numismatics.    Welcome to the world of Pattern Coinage.    

       Strictly speaking, patterns are coins struck as sample or potential designs.  The earliest  patterns were struck in 1792,.  Pattern coins  are described by their “J” number —  their catalogue number in the comprehensive  Pattern book  by  J.

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The BIG Opportunity:

Pattern Coinage

The Coin Market

& the Economy

It gets interestinger

and interestinger

(apologies to Lewis Carroll)

The ‘New’ Coin Market

“Anyone with an eye to making money in rare coins should look at the market through the eyes of a collector.”

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After working ten years for other coin companies, I started CNP in 1991. My specific intention was (and is) to provide great coins at great prices with outstanding individual service to my clients.  I am committed to the idea that you will both enjoy your coins and profit from them.  Looking back, its been a terrific experience.  Looking forward, I am thrilled by the possibilities being created as coin collecting goes through its current “Renaissance.”   In this newsletter, you will ee why I am so excited —and why now may be the perfect time to re-evaluate your portfolio. 

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J-727 Pattern

1869 $.25  PF-66