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    Pattern are a highly prized area of numismatics.   Most famous collectors, including Eliasberg, King Farouk, and of course the Garret had many. Most serious collecitons include a fine selection of patterns. Not only are patterns among the most beautiful coins ever minted, they include stunning and unusual designs never selected for business strikes.  Patterns are usually proof  coins, minted for enhanced eye appeal. 

       Historically, few dealers did much business in patterns because there was no price guide their customers could reference.  That changed in February, 2000, when Superior Galleries, one of the world’s largest dealers ,

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Hewitt Judd.


      Rare date gold

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Rare Date Gold: 

Rock Solid Performer

The New Coin Market:  Collectors Rule

Pattern Coins: “dotcom” potential

Customized Numismatic Portfolios

spreading far beyond modern issues into the more traditional areas of numismatics. 

      The Internet has also boosted coin market activity.  Collectors can trade far more quickly than by using coin magainze ads.  Dealers use e-pictures to  speed  transactions and to  broaden their reach to each other and to customers.  

      All these factors  increase efficiency and expand the number of collectors.  The law of supply and demand suggests that more collectors in a market with a fixed supply will drive up prices. 

      Any way one looks at it, the coin market becomes more exciting and active every day.  The promise of the future for rare coins is very positive.

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making money in coins should look at the market through “collector” eyes.        Overall, the coin market is robust and growing rapidly.  New mint and proof sets sell out every year.    Gold and Silver Eagles sell at record levels despite lackluster bullion prices.  The new state quarter series has significantly increased interest in collectable coins, creating tens of millions of new collectors – an unprecedented influx.  Many are children, who will form the collector base for the future.   However, people of all ages have exhibited a renewed interest in coin collecting — and it is an interest  which is

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