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FAQ:  What is the tax situation with rare coins?


       Coin dealers are not required by law to file any forms with any federal, state or local authority detailing your buys or sells, nor are we required to take your social security number.  It is up to you to notify the IRS and/or your state income taxing authority if you take a loss or a gain.   Coins can be bartered, traded for other coins or bullion, for bags of pre-1965 silver coins, jewelry or even for cash.  As society becomes more “cashless,”  tangible assets provide a flexibility simply unavailable with other monetary instruments. Always consult your tax professional on tax issues !!

Rare Coins &Taxes

Customized Numismatic Portfolios

range, from $100 to over $1,000,000. 

      If your goal is appreciation, keep in mind the trend of recent years:  common gold coins are dropping with the price of bullion, while rare date gold coins are appreciating. 

      A coin is rare by date and/or by grade.  Thus, a common date coin, graded high enough, can be extremely rare — as can extremely rate dates in low grade.   This is why I strongly and incessantly recommend PCGS/NGC grading of common date gold.  It is also why I so strongly recommend rare date gold for your portfolio.  In general, rare gold is the best performer in the numismatic market. 


Early Gold

      Minted 1775-1834, early gold is one of the most overlooked areas of numismatics.  Perhaps people believe they are inaccessible or too expensive.  That is simply not the case.  Numerous early dates can be purchased in high circulated grades for well under $10,000, even under $5,000.  Hard to believe but true.  I cannot remember these coins ever falling in value; they very stable pricewise.   I believe some lower priced issues are simply too inexpensive at  their current price levels, and represent  a superb buying opportunity.

  19th Century Gold.       
There are many ways to collect 19th Century gold.  A common method is collecting one of each denomination. A more extensive set could include each denomination and each mint mark.  Some prefer to collect all the gold coins minted in each mint in a certain year.  Whatever the particular strategy, rare date gold is one of the best buys on the market today. 

    Rare date gold is and always will be a favorite, both for collectors, and for those with an eye toward strong appreciation.

Rare Gold:  Strategies for

Superb Appreciation Potential


**the current      economy & Coins

**Strategies for rare date gold

**Selling your coins for top $

 ** the Coin Market change  which

created an explosive  opportunity

**CNP  turns 10 Years old

**and more!

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is one of the most solid areas of numismatics — plentiful enough to create an active market, but rare enough to prevent over supply.  Currently, they are among the most affordable of collectibles; and yet, their appreciation over the last 40 years has rivaled the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  This seeming contradiction leads to one conclusion:  rare  gold values still have tremendous upward potential. 

      Gold coins are available in almost any price