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Federal Reserve greatly increased the money  supply.  With the economic slowdown, that money is still in the economy, creating a situation where more capital chases fewer and fewer goods.  Inflation was flat in the last few years due to the falling cost of computers and electronics, as well as the vast improvement in business efficiency generated by the growth of the Internet. 

      Those mitigating factors are now gone.  Despite attempts to disguise it, spin it or

Essential Coin Inventory Info



Mint mark



Grading Service

Purchase Price*


(*usually only needed for tax considerations)

       I buy every kind of coin, from the very rare — including rare date gold and patterns,  to the most common.  Included are Indian head pennies, buffalo nickels, pre-1965 dimes, quarters and half dollars, circulated or not. I also buy old US currency, and even autographs.


       Why might you want to sell your coins?  Following are six common reasons people sell:


¨         You have an accumulation of “junk” coins which you want to trade for cash or fewer but much more valuable coins. 

¨         You need cash now

¨         You have reached an age where moving your assets into “liquid” is appropriate

¨         You paid way too much for coins back in the 80’s and you could use a tax loss to offset a capital gain from sale of stock or real estate

¨         You have inherited a coin collection, and you need to split the proceeds among the heirs.

¨         You have lost interest in coins

Pattern Coins (cont')

































So you want to sell your coins ?

Economics and the Coin Market

Customized Numismatic Portfolios

Text Box: FAQ:    How often should I review my coin portfolio?
Coins tend to be a slow moving market.  However, the coin market does go though significant changes.  I recommend  that you have your coins reviewed by an expert (yes, this is a shameless plug!) every five years or so.  If its been more than that, or if you are not really sure what you have, you should have your portfolio checked immediately.  

call toll free

               Comparison of an 1849 Gold $ and an 1850 $.50 Pattern, J-240                                   MS/PF-65 Population

Coin                         MS/PF-60               MS/PF-65        % Difference (60-65)    Original  Mintage               PCGS                      NGC

1849 Gold Dollar    $      360                  $               7750             2,152%                                   688,567                 37/15                        26/9

1850 $.50 J-240     $    1375                  $               4000                290%                                   31 to 75        6/0                         3/2

Why do business with CNP?

       You buy at lower prices and sell at higher prices  than with my competition.  You get expert personal attention from me on all coin related matters.  I am fun to work with.  I listen.  I am committed to your enjoying your coin buying and selling experience.  I do what I say I will do. 

tapped the knowledge of   leading pattern experts  and published a comprehensive price guide. 

       The availability of a quality price sheet dramatically increased the potential collector base,  With a fixed supply, the only variable is the value.  There has been a noticeable increase in advertisements fo Patterns in coin publications this last year.

       Pattern prices are very low when compared to other coins.  Compare the 1849 Gold Dollars and the 1850 Pattern J-240 (opposite page) The price difference between a typical rare date gold piece graded MS-60 and MS-65 might be a factor of  7-10, and as much as 25 to 50!   In comparison,  a typical pattern is only 2-3 times more than its PF-60 counterpart.    Many patterns, even in the highest grades for that issue, are under $5,000!  And pattern mintages are usually so low  no “hoards” will likely surface.  

  In my opinion, the pattern coin area is about to explode in popularity.   The potential for price increase therefore, is quite simply tremendous.





hide it, Inflation figures will finally start reflecting the strong price increases in key areas like food, energy, medicine,  wages, and  housing. 

      Historically, rare coins not only hold their value, but tend to appreciate significantly in inflationary times.

      The lackluster performance in stocks and bonds, has left many unsure as to where to put their money.   With gains rivaling the stock market over the last 30 years  (and probably surpassing it after this latest stock market reversal) the rare coin market  is looking better and better  as a place to diversify.     

  I buy coins.  I pay great prices.  I buy any and all coins, from the very rare down to circulated Indian cents, pre-1965 dimes, quarters and half dollars.   I even buy foreign coins and old US currency.  

  Why sell your coins?  You may  have lost interest in them.  Perhaps you have common date coins not likely to rise significantly in value. 


Perhaps you paid too much for coins (usually between 1987-1990) and need a tax loss to offset a capital gains from the sale of stock or real estate.  Or you

You inherited coins and want to split the proceeds among the heirs.  Or, you might have accumulated a huge volume of “junk” coins collected over the years which you might like to trade for a more manageable collection of higher value coins which are more likely to appreciate.  Perhaps you have reached an age where making your assets completely liquid is appropriate.  Or, maybe you just need cash now. 


Whatever the reason, call me toll free anytime if you are interested in selling all or part of your collectors you want to Sell your Coins?

I’m buying!

BAAAAAAH?.    I recommend that before you call, you put together an inventory of your coins. A coin inventory should include the following:  a) Denomination,  b) Date and mint mark, c) Grade  d) Grading Service (if applicable), e) Purchase price (if you are looking for tax advantages)This way, I can take the information when you call (if the list is large, you may want to fax or email it to me) and make an appointment to talk with you about your collection’s value.